Basic Philosophy

Mitsubishi HC Capital (Thailand) Co., Ltd. shall conduct business activities in harmony with the environment and society in order to contribute to the creation of a society that can conserve the global environment and achieve sustainable development.

Environmental Action Guidelines

  1. We will provide innovative solutions to society and promote collaboration with stakeholders to solve environmental issues. Additionally, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations to conduct responsible corporate activities that consider people and the global environment.
  2. We will pursue services and solutions that contribute to the reduction of environmental impact and the development of society, properly recognize the effects and impacts of these services and solutions on the environment and society, and endeavor to utilize environmentally friendly goods and services.
  3. With the aim of becoming a society that is decarbonized and highly recycling oriented as well as one that is in harmony with nature and contributes to the conservation of biodiversity, we will endeavor to reduce CO2 emissions through the value chain, improve the efficiency of the use of water, resources, and energy, and minimize the impact on natural capital.
  4. In order to build a relationship of trust with the local communities in Japan and overseas where we conduct business, we will work together with society to solve problems and create a society that can balance conservation of the global environment and sustainable development. If an issue should arise in our business activities, we will make it public in a timely and appropriate manner and promptly take measures to prevent recurrence.
  5. As a good corporate citizen, we will raise awareness of environmental and social issues and promote environmental conservation activities as well as community/social contribution activities.

Establishment: March 31, 2022
1st Revision date: October 31, 2022

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